Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Back from France, settled back into work and everything, and feeling like I've never been away! Cats being v. clingy, obviously they missed us. Snowboarding improved a good deal although P is certainly keeping well ahead of me and did black runs and all sorts. I stuck to nice easy ones accessible by cable car - Courchevel is magnificently served when it comes to lifts, the pistes are broad and we were blessed with excellent snow. The resort was a bit pricey but much nicer than Tignes; rather like an expensive version of Cervinia.

In the evenings I managed to get some work done on the Bloomin' Epic, and since I came back I've done a fair amount of research so am feeling quite positive on that front. Also found some time last night to play Warrior Kings - no, not a kinky bedroom role-play, but a new real time strat game. It's a bit pants but OK.

Off to salsa tonight with K, rather stiff from boarding and lousy hotel bed so that'll be fun. I.e. I will probably fall over. Oh well. TTFN