Thursday, January 12, 2006

I suppose it's time I mentioned my neice. If one's going to blog seriously and not just use it as a kind of global memo pad, one has a duty, etc, etc. And the neice is very cute; here she is with her ma, about 2 days old:

Isabella Arabella Falabella Sarspirilla Polyfilla Plantation Smith*, welcome to the world.

*They didn't really call her that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sitting in the university library... I have a feeling that blogging may well contravene some rule or another (in there between NO CHAT PAGES and NO PORNOGRAPHEH); it's all a bit wierd, since I am doing this degree in order to produce something inherently iconoclastic. (YOU CAN'T FOIST UR RULEZ ON ME, MR. THE MAN!) Anyway, I just spent half an hour looking at photos on ILX, which were all amazing in their own various ways.

I didn't have anything to contribute, as although there are photos of me on the web, I didn't take any of them - they're all wedding photos, apart from that one band photo and the snap of me at Vesuvius on my DBA profile page.

This is the thread.

Freaky-wierd; I can publish this from the university, but not view it, b/c 'underscores are not allowed'. It'll be underpants next. Oh, no, that'd be too much like fun.

There are loads of great pictures from the wedding. We had some really talented people mooching about with cameras. I think my favourite one of us has to be this one.

Credit to the Cilentii for that ofc.
Why does there always have to be a crash?