Monday, August 21, 2006

On Being a Media Whore

Time I said something about the magazine I suppose. I meant to keep a diary of the whole process, but somehow the indiviual stages haven't seemed as though they would be interesting to anyone but me and the other directly involved, or that they would remain interesting even to us, once completed.

Of course I was wrong; life always seems mundane when it stretches out all around you, but as soon as you look back and the perspective flattens, it takes on a certain fascinating aspect.

So, we are nearly there with Pipeline. I need to drop the layouts in at the printers later today, hopefully for the last time, and they will start the run of the inside pages and do me a proof of the cover. The launch is booked at Cafe Muse on the 31st. H has been an absolute star and I have fallen at least half in love with her.

The media whoring is fun, but will take a lot of practice to get good at. I limped my way through an interview with the MEN last Wednesday, stumbled slightly through an interview on All FM yesterday (H by my side, so not as bad) and will be, no doubt, slick and professional for my appearance on Thursday on Let's Go Global TV (ha ha). I have to get the press release to everyone else I can think of today/tomorrow, and we should get an interview with BBC Online.

Of course where I should really be focusing is on exploiting all my friends; this takes me back to our gigging days. You WILL come down. You KNOW you want to. OK, I don't care if you don't want to, just buy a ticket. Free glass of wine! (All right, so there were never free glasses of wine at the Roadhouse, not even for the band). I'll make with the emails.

Ee, it's all fun.