Monday, February 11, 2002

*yawn* really tired today

had a good w/e, mostly, well, actually Saturday morning was hellish and Sunday revolved around decorating but there were some nice moments...

new team member started today at work, which was nice, I think she'll work out well but it will take a while for her to get to grips with everything - citrix confuzzled the heck out of her! o well.

reading a book called Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson @ the moment. sucks. well, not totally, but it's told from too many different POVs and you never (I never) really click with any of the characters enough to care what's happening to them.

Haven't done any work on the Epic for a few days, and Scribblers Corner has been a bit quiet. Shame. Maybe it peaked too early. I will have to do some more marketing. Trying to work my way up to doing a FOTR review for Imladris - a bit chicken as so many reviewers are so much more articulate and thoughtful than I. Logged on to The Tolkein Forum last night when Imladris was down, and was struck by the difference in atmosphere. The posters at Imladris just put so much more work in, and seeing the same topics discussed, but in the lazy, slapdash fashion you might get at Utopia GT for example really brought that home.