Friday, March 15, 2002

Ack, well, salsa didn't happen last week as we got our wires crossed; I thought she was driving, she thought I was driving, we were both sat at home all dressed up and waiting impatiently until it was too late!! Oh well.

I went on my own on Tuesday - darn, this week has been hectic - because K couldn't come and I won't be able to go for the next 6 weeks due to commencement of ARCHERY COURSE! Hurrah! Really looking forward to it. On Wednesday night we had our first fencing class... hmm... what to say about that? We both selected the sabre because it's an edged weapon, i.e. you can score points with the side of the blade, not just the tip like with a foil or epee. That translates to whacking with gusto rather than nancying about poking your opponent. It was brilliant ! I'm not going to be as good as P; his reflexes are a lot faster and he's bigger and taller of course. I loved it though, and I loved watching him fight. So sexy!