Wednesday, May 22, 2002

's funny, I don't remember being ill in March! oh well.
hopefully now that P has got the network running in the flat and I can do this on the laptop, I'll keep it a little more up to date. you never know. not that anyone's ever going to read it, mind!
I've gone off fencing a bit. I think that happened as soon as I realised that there's a fairly high possibility of getting hurt when someone is coming at you trying to hit you with a big pointy metal stick. *rolls eyes*
archery on the other hand has been jolly relaxing, and the real bonus is that I'm just as good at it as P is, which I wasn't expecting. we're looking to get our own longbows soon, maybe even this week as we can pop into Quicks whilst in Leicestershire for our dry suit training course this weekend.