Tuesday, October 22, 2002

It’s not about hatred; it’s not about righteous anger. I won’t play them at their own game; I wouldn’t, even if I thought I could win. And I could never win; never match their bile-ridden, strait-jacketed, small-minded spite. But I won’t let them steal my spirit with their spying eyes, won’t let them crush my joy or make my world small, do you see? I don’t hate them… but if they get in my way I will fight them, and if they get hurt in the fight I won’t weep for them, for if I’m willing to die for freedom them I’m also willing to kill.

Orchid or Jamie (if need to take Jamie in a more heroic direction) could have attended an evangelical church and learned to preach at the feet of a master (abuse?)

Nobody’s allowed to be a bigger star than Jesus, doesn’t matter if you’re a prophet or a saint; Jesus would choke if he saw what they’ve done with his teachings, an’ if he came back today they’d lock him up, ‘cause a living prophet, well that would be tricky to manage.