Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So much time has slipped away. I forgot my blog. Amber forgot her blog too. I have been writing in notebooks; I rediscovered the visceral pleasure of pen and paper, and developed a certain truculence when it came to the typed word. I have resented emails in particular, but I also gave up MSN and IRC. In Camelot, we have taken to voice comms like birds to song, and I get terribly grumpy when asked to communicate via the chat window. It seems so primitive.

So this feels a bit funny.

Funny too, that when I last posted here I was exercising myself over The Boa Constrictor, to which I haven't added more than a paragraph or two in two years but which is still my burning flame. I've taken up (and put down again) Barbarian Queen in the mean time, but made scant progress with that either.

Because I've so singularly failed to finish anything, I've quit my job and I'm enrolling on an MA in Creative Writing tomorrow. It's very exciting, or it would be if they weren't so vague about the little details, like where you turn up to and when...

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