Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trying to write

Thursday, house is cold, but I have a warm cat on my knee, to help take the edge off it for both of us.

I'm now alternating So Red the Rose with Meds, the new Placebo album, which, thanks be to evil album leakers, I have downloaded and can now adore to my heart's content. It's not like I won't still buy it. And would have even if it had proved to be patchy like the last two. Which it's not. Actually it's rather fab. After 3 listenings I don't think there are any real stand-out tracks on it that could compare to Bitter End or Special K, but it's a solid album without any dud tracks, so I can just loop it and be happy. It's noticeably more lo-fi than Sleeping With Ghosts, and the better for it.

My deadline for submitting my 5000 words for peer review has been put back from today until tomorrow, so I'm procrastinating, which is bad. I've spent a couple of hours on it, and there's stuff there I can submit, I'm just not sure if I should. Anyway, I'd better screw my courage to the sticky keys and get on with it. Here's something pretty, for inspiration.